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Gimme a break, a little escape; I am so tired of being me.

Anything I'm Not

Linda Bryant ;)
28 October 1988
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hiya! aspiring oceanographer =)

Top 10 Pastimes
1) SHOPPING (Guess, Express, Forever 21, Gap, H&M, Target <3)
2) Watching Movies/T.V.
3) Reading
4) Cooking/Baking (baking is more me.. i'm better at it haha)
5) Taking Pictures
6) Going out
7) Listening to music
8) Eating (perhaps too much haha)
9) Playing Basketball/Watching Basketball
10) Sporty Activities (i.e. Hiking)

Top 10 Favorite Artists/Bands
1) Christina Aguilera
2) Adam Levine <3// Maroon 5
3) Mae
4) John Mayer
5) Jack Johnson
6) Jason Mraz
7) All America Rejects
8) Bitter:Sweet
9) John Legend
10) The Hush Sound

Top 10 Favorite Actors/Actresses
1) Julia Roberts
2) Shia LaBeouf
3) Nicole Kidman
4) George Clooney
5) Renee Zellwegger
6) Russell Crowe
7) Heath Ledger
8) Brad Pitt
9) Keira Knightly
10) Christian Bale

Top 10 Favorite Dramas
1) Meteor Garden <3333
2) Stairway to Heaven
3) My Name is Kim Sam Soon
4) Goong
5) Which Star Are You From
6) Mars
7) Sang Doo Let's Goto School
8) Damo
9) I'm Sorry I Love You
10) What Happened in Bali

Shouts to my girls <3
Love y'all. *roar* >xO :p
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