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Alright, so I'm watching Lost, and I admit, I'm a cynic. SOMEHOW, Richard agreed to take Daniel to the hydrogen bomb because he proclaims his love to the redhead. Really? Richard is an other? Who knew this show was so sappy. -_-'

Year of the Ox

Finally, a new year (according to the lunar calendar) and am I glad to be done of it. The Year of the Rat (2008) was horrible for me. Within that year, I've had 5 mishaps with a car, 3 within the past 3 months (2 of which could've been fatal). I suppose I was LUCKY to survive the ordeal, but then again, to go through it couldn't have been very lucky. I should mention that the last few hours of what was left of the year of the rat resulted in me tripping on the sidewalk, temporarily spraining my ankle, and falling down a very short flight of stairs, hurting my hand. *sighs* Supposedly though, this year is not very good for dragons so I'm a little wary of the upcoming year. How much worse can it get? .... Actually forget that I asked the question, but still, =/ I don't want anymore bad luck!!!!

Anyway, hope everyone has a good new year. :) Chuc Mung Nam Moi!

BTW, I met Wang Lee Hom. The hottest singer over in Taiwan. Got his autograph and I shook his hand. :D *Swoons* one of the best moments of my life. I'm just sad I didn't get to take his picture... like REAL up close :(

New Layout

I have a new layout. I succumbed to Livejournal's new layout format style, which I gotta admit, is a lot more appealing than my old layout. I got the purple oddity one, which I found amusing. Abandoned my Karma headline, and adopted Anything I'm Not by Lenka, who is one of my new favorite artists. I've had that Karma headline for years.. but I figure that with the new year and all, I should just erase the past, and try to move on towards the future. =) I had four resolutions last year, and 3 1/2 of them are on it this year. -_-' I tried to cut it down smaller so that I can achieve it this year.

1) Get my weight down to 120-130 pounds. I wanna look phantastic on my 21st birthday :)
2) Get rid of as MUCH of my debt as possible. :(
3) Save $20 a week. I think it's doable.
4) Read one book a month.
5) Get internship at aquarium and log in 250 volunteer hours there as well.
6) Get A's and B's in my classes.
7) Clean room & house more often.
8) Write in journal more often.

I feel like I've neglected my livejournal for quite some time. There was a time when I used to update this thing weekly, and now I've updated every couple of months. I used to give a play by play of my life. It might be due to having nothing to update about, but I'll try to come up with something. I like looking back at my old entries. Makes me realized how much I changed.

The only resolution I think I'll have trouble with is 2 and 3. =x I'm going to buy tickets to Wang Lee Hom's Music Man concert. Going to see him!! I'm so excited x) But it's $60 =x ... not including the gas it will cost to drive to Vegas just to see him. Oh wells.. it'll be worth the dent in my wallet. I'm hoping I can get a weekend job to help me survive during the spring semester, seeing that I won't be working at the Law Office once it starts :(. Disappointing really, this is one of the easiest jobs I've had.. since tutoring. But tutoring itself takes it toll. Oh wells. :(

New Photo Journal

I have a new photo journal :)


It ain't crazy or anything. Just some of my favorite pics that I've taken. =)


Thanksgiving 08

This year, I took the daunting task of cooking a Thanksgiving Dinner. It wasn't much, just turkey, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and gravy. I wanted to do more, but due to budget restraints, I cooked whatever I could. Edamame was part of the menu too, cuz Lam's mom didn't want to do nothing. Next year, if I get the opportunity again, I want to make green bean casserole, and perhaps stuffing. I'm not a huge fan of it, but others are. My turkey was a little dry =( which made me sad, but its ok, next year I'll do better. Below is the dinner spread. Oh yea, there was corn bread, not from scratch =(, so that wasn't great. I like making things from scratch, wanted to make a pumpkin pie too, but hte others argued and said it would be easier just to buy it, so I gave in. Anywho, the dinner was pretty decent. Afterwards we played mahjong.. cuz what's thanksgiving with asians without mahjong? :p

Turkey, Corn Bread, Mashed Potatoes, 4 Cheese Macaroni, Edamame, (not included was the gravy), Sparkling Apple Cider


Meet Chandler :D After three months of internal turmoil, I FINALLY decided to get the UPGRADED Chandler since my old one was discontinued and my money was refunded back to me since there was nothing left to exchange back to me. After checking the status of my camera, it is now sitting at home WAITING to be opened by me. (Oddly enough, today is the ONLY day of the week I got out of the house EXTREMELY early for the sake of being a healthy and active person). Now I'm at work .. 24 minutes left and I'm WONDERING if I should screw with my gym schedule and just go home to my BEAUTIFUL camera. =/ However, the downside is the ridiculous traffic I have to endure before getting home to my camera. Second problem is also where would I go to test out the beauty of it. I was thinking The Grove, due to Chandelier's ease of use, her purpose is more of a social use as opposed to a professional use. Not to say that Chandler's is, but his features are a lot better than Chandelier's. Beside Chandelier really didnt do justice on how pretty The Grove really was when I took pics on Harriet's Bday.

I suppose I should just goto the gym.. despite going for the past four days. Gah.

.... Now that I'm rereading this entry, I'm a little ashamed that the big dilemna of the moment is whether or not I should go home to my camera. Man. how lonely am i? -_-' .. then again, i really shouldn't go down that road.

Good update? I'm going to the gym daily now. @ LEAST 4 days a week. I want to go everyday, but I get so lazy on the weekends x) and Tuesdays and Thursdays are EXTREMELY tight for me because I have class an hour before work ends. =/ I actually skipped class on tuesday but that was because I didnt do any of the assignments. No worries, will get caught up this weekend.

Hopefully my sleep schedule will be alright and I'll wake up early enough to go volunteer tomorrow morning. =x *crosses fingers* annd i might be able to test out my new camera while i'm at the aquarium =) yay!

Movies for me to watch

Just watched some previews online and I wanted to make a note for myself so that I'll watch these movies when it comes out.

The Soloist November 21, 2008
Quantum of Solace November 14, 2008
Fast & Furious June 5, 2009
Changeling October 24, 2008
Four Christmases November 26th, 2008


Olympic Commentators are Frigging BRUTAL

Alright, so I'm watching the women's synchrnoized diving, and these girls are crazyyyy... practiced in this... cuz i seriously can never do what they're doing. I think it was Canada who was in their last round, and it was a pretty difficult dive I suppose, and when the girls hit the water, the commentator goes, "WHOA TIDAL WAVE, that's not going to score well" ... well the tidal wave was verbatim, the rest I'm not too sure, nonetheless, it was absolutely brutal. If I was that girl who hit the water, I'd hang up my swimsuit and call an early retirement. I mean seriously, TIDAL WAVE? .. not to mention "disaster hit water" or something along those lines. I mean, hearing those words would make me jump off the high-dive into an empty pool. -_-' Crazy commentating bitch..


... if only my dream was true...

I had a pretty lame dream last night, but when I woke up, I was extremely devastated that it wasn't true. Basically, I was out at my job on a field trip with the students, and I saw a gas station that was only 70 cents a gallon. Seeing this made me ESTATIC! I was waiting for the other counselors to help me get the students to calm down and I told myself in my head, that after we got everyone settled, I would quickly fill up my tank. I was about to fill it up too, when I woke up.

*sighs* man... the amount i would save if gas was the amount my head imagined it to be. :( As glad as I am that gas has gone down to $4.27/gallon, it's still a burn in my bank account.


James Bond Love

I've attempted to watch Casino Royale three times. After those three times, I gave up on the idea that I would ever finish the movie, but I bought the DVD, cuz it was a hella good deal, so I figured might as well just try to sit through it. Oh man.. do I love Daniel Craig. Now HE is a MANLY-MAN! I'm getting disoriented just thinking about him. :D This movie was pretty kickass though, which makes me look forward to watching the new Bond movie coming out. :)

I was never a Bond fan, even though I thought Pierce Brosnan looked absolutely yummy, but I've become a fan of the franchise, at least I am now with Daniel Craig as James Bond.

Posting at 3:18 A.M. because if I fall asleep, I won't wake up on time for volunteer at the aquarium, which I don't want to miss. BUT my volunteering will make me miss the UPS man, who will, according to their site, be delivering my new camera (which I have decided to dub Chandler in honor of my love for Friends). =) So I have to leave a note and make sure my father somehow gets the package for me. I hope I get it tomorrow. Or at least Saturday. =x

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