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Meet Chandler :D After three months of internal turmoil, I FINALLY decided to get the UPGRADED Chandler since my old one was discontinued and my money was refunded back to me since there was nothing left to exchange back to me. After checking the status of my camera, it is now sitting at home WAITING to be opened by me. (Oddly enough, today is the ONLY day of the week I got out of the house EXTREMELY early for the sake of being a healthy and active person). Now I'm at work .. 24 minutes left and I'm WONDERING if I should screw with my gym schedule and just go home to my BEAUTIFUL camera. =/ However, the downside is the ridiculous traffic I have to endure before getting home to my camera. Second problem is also where would I go to test out the beauty of it. I was thinking The Grove, due to Chandelier's ease of use, her purpose is more of a social use as opposed to a professional use. Not to say that Chandler's is, but his features are a lot better than Chandelier's. Beside Chandelier really didnt do justice on how pretty The Grove really was when I took pics on Harriet's Bday.

I suppose I should just goto the gym.. despite going for the past four days. Gah.

.... Now that I'm rereading this entry, I'm a little ashamed that the big dilemna of the moment is whether or not I should go home to my camera. Man. how lonely am i? -_-' .. then again, i really shouldn't go down that road.

Good update? I'm going to the gym daily now. @ LEAST 4 days a week. I want to go everyday, but I get so lazy on the weekends x) and Tuesdays and Thursdays are EXTREMELY tight for me because I have class an hour before work ends. =/ I actually skipped class on tuesday but that was because I didnt do any of the assignments. No worries, will get caught up this weekend.

Hopefully my sleep schedule will be alright and I'll wake up early enough to go volunteer tomorrow morning. =x *crosses fingers* annd i might be able to test out my new camera while i'm at the aquarium =) yay!

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